Dimitra & Kleisthenis | Wedding in Kea (Tzia) island

Kleisthenis and Dimitra’s wedding in Kea island in Cyclades was one my favorites from last year. Kea or Tzia is quite close to Attica and a popular wedding destination. The couple lives in London and in one of their emails asked me if I had to recommend an island and a venue for the reception and the party . Relaxed atmosphere, nice beaches and a venue they could dance until late with no limit to the time the music has to stop. It was also important to be easily accessible for their friends coming from Athens and abroad. One of my recommendations was the island of Kea and the Aigis Suites hotel and when they told me they finally chose Kea and Aigis I was so glad that I would be visiting this place again. Kleisthenis and Dimitra is a really wonderful and very much in love couple and it was a pleasure to work for them and be part of that day. Following are some of my favorites images.

Many thanks to Lisa and her team from Aigis Suites. They are very professional and we felt very welcomed there.

Many thanks to videographer Sotiris Tseles for working together and for sharing the two first and two last pictures from his drone.

wedding in aigis suites tzia - kounoupas panagiotisαγιος σωστης κεα - αγιος σωζων οτζιας - agios sostis otziawedding in agios sozon tzia - αγιος σωστης τζιαwedding in tza kea γαμος στη κεα τζιαwedding in aigis suites kea tzia - γαμος στη Τζιαwedding in aigis suites - kounoupas panagiotis




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